New Report – Vienna, Austria

  1. Vladimir Dinets 6 years ago

    I was in Vienna for a couple days in March 1993, but had to spend most of that time in jail and didn’t see a single mammal (my cellmates were going through various kinds of withdrawals and apparently saw a lot of critters of all kinds). All I can say is that of all incarceration facilities I’ve been in (in 6 countries), the Austrian jail was by far the worse.

    P.S. In case you are curious, I’ve always been arrested for the same kind of thing: geographical crimes (illegal border crossings, entering restricted areas, this sort of thing). In Austria they arrested me for being there without a visa when I was trying to LEAVE the country.

  2. Cathy Pasterczyk 6 years ago

    A nice web page about bats in Austria is

    From the Fledermaus tab, click on siehe Tabelle to get a table of bats in Austria.

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