Fruit bat at Skukuze, Kruger NP, SA

I tried to post this before and it didn’t seem to work apologies if it now appears twice. Does anyone know what species of epauletted fruit bat hangs under the eaves at the shop at Skukuze. I know they’ve been well studied and apparently radio tagged but there seems to be some confusion over the species.


  • Jon Hall

    Steve, I looked into these bats a few times since I saw them in 2003. Last I heard was they are a mixed colony of Peter’s and Wahlberg’s with Peter’s more common. But they are impossible to differentiate without counting palatal ridges. If anyone knows more if be interested too. Jon

  • Jon Hall

    Really? That’s useful as I’d understood they also sounded the same… do you have a recording of Peter’s by any chance too?

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