Sowerby’s Beaked Whales, Massachusetts

A pod of Beaked Whales that have been identified as Sowerby’s Beaked Whale were seen on the August 20-21 overnight pelagic trip run by the Brookline Birding Club. See photos here. I’m slightly gripped, as I signed up for this trip but cancelled because it was only a few days after I returned from Manu.



  • Vladimir Dinets

    I tried to sign up for that trip but it was sold out 🙁 Do you know of any other trips this season?

    • geomalia

      Yes, there’s one September 24-25 that still had space as of a few days ago:

      There’s a chance I might go.

      • Vladimir Dinets

        I’ll be in Maine that weekend, and the following trip to Nantucket Shoals is not very interesting mammal-wise (you can see pretty much the same stuff by taking a ferry to Nantucket). I guess I’ll try next year, preferably something cheaper.

        • geomalia

          Where are you going in Maine? I’m thinking about going there the following weekend, perhaps to the Rangeley/Eustis area.

          FYI, the August trip always fills up quickly with birders who care about seeing White-faced Storm Petrel in the political boundaries of the United States, so sign up early if you want to go in the future.

          • Vladimir Dinets

            To Brunswick (my wife has a conference there). Might do a quick side trip to Acadia NP.
            My understanding is that June and July are equally good for beaked whales.

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