The world of mammals could use some good news once in a while: Giant Pandas no longer “Endangered”

  1. Bob 6 years ago

    Might hold off on setting my trip to East Africa for 2017 as seeing the giant Panda in the wild is my # 1. Thanks, please share any information you get.

  2. Bob 6 years ago

    What is the mane of the company?

  3. Mike Hoit 6 years ago

    In 2012 I was in contact with Zoe Zuo at regarding a possible trip to Foping, before it all got shut down; I’ll be dropping everything to go if things open up again. I’ll email and see if there’s any news.

  4. Bob 6 years ago

    I had a trip planned with Zoe in 2011 then I had to cancel, Zoe was great about it but then the next year no more tours for the panda in the wild.

  5. Israel 6 years ago

    where did all the comments from this thread and the giraffe thread go??

  6. Bob 6 years ago

    It seems people don’t want to give(share) much information on seeing wild pandas!

  7. Author
    tomeslice 6 years ago

    @Israel – what are you refering to? Were there comments on this thread? And then they disappeared?

    @Bob – I think people do want to share information on seeing wild pandas, but wild panda trekking was done in Foping, which has been “closed to visitors” since around 2010 (although I spoke with a guy who was there and saw a giant panda in 2012.. not sure how)

  8. Israel 6 years ago

    yeah, there were about ten comments on this thread (none by me; mostly between Bob and Vladimir, and mostly about how “panda trekking” may be starting up again), and about four on the giraffe thread (a couple by me). Then they all just disappeared.

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