Carrizo Kangaroo Rats

<Posting on behalf of Gary Skipper>

So I was able to try a nocturnal trip to Carrizo and it was a great success. Right before getting to carrizo I drove down the access road to wind wolves preserve and found it to be a good spot for kangaroo rats. I also saw 2 barn owls and a skunk there. Once at Carrizo I saw a couple of mice, several kangaroo rats, and 3 kit foxes by the visitor center. One was very playful and cooperative. I stayed until a few hours after sunrise and also had great luck with tule elk and pronghorn. This is the only time I have ever seen them both on the same day and in the same area! Also while trying to get closer to the elk and pronghorn I saw a burrowing owl. All in all it was a great trip, I was at wind wolves from 10:30 to midnight on 9/3, and I was at carrizo from 12:30 until about 11am. Maybe someone can help with some id’s. I am guessing the k-rats are heermans and giant, the mice- not sure- maybe deer mouse and brush mouse. Total mammals for the trip were the krats- 2 mice, jackrabbits, cottontail, 35-40 tule elk, 9 pronghorn, one skunk at wind wolves, and 3 kit foxes. The night was moonless which proved to be a great help. I believe the kangaroo rats at wind wolves were heermans. Can anyone confirm for me the ones from carrizo and the mice?

barn-owl-wind-wolves-access-road  herd-of-tule-elk-carrizo-plain-2 kangaroo-rat-carrizo-plain-1 kangaroo-rat-carrizo-plain-2 san-joaquin-antelope-squirrel-carrizo-plain san-joaquin-kit-fox-carrizo-plain-nm-1 tule-elk-at-carrizo-plain-nm-1-800x599 what-kind-of-mouse-is-this-carrizo-plain-1 what-kind-of-mouse-is-this-carrizo-plain-2 young-pronghorns-carrizo-plain-2



  • Vladimir Dinets

    Do you have larger mice photos? One sure looks like deer mouse.

  • Venkat Sankar

    Your k-rats look like Heermann’s and Giant; your mice seem to be Deer Mice but I’m not 100% sure. Looking at Wind Wolves on the map, I think Heermann’s is the main species there; maybe San Joaquin K-rats too but they look a bit different.

  • Gary Skipper

    I could try to crop the mice photos a little more. Sorry for the late reply guys I never got a notification that someone responded. The first mouse is probably a deer mouse right. Thanks for your input Venkat, thats what I was thinking too.

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