Bobcat – Trustom Pond NWR, Rhode Island (and other New England sightings)

I had a wonderful observation of a Bobcat on the Farm Field Loop at Trustom Pond NWR around 5:00 PM today – it caught what appeared to be a Meadow Vole, and played with it the way a house cat plays with a mouse. According to the sightings board, others saw it (or another Bobcat) in the same area today in the morning and at 4:00 PM. I’ve never heard of this many sightings of Bobcat at one site in the US in such a short period of time. New England Cottontails were also abundant.

Other recent sightings of mine include three Moose and one Black Bear near Errol, NH last weekend, and Long-tailed Weasel in two out of three visits to Quabbin Resevoir in September (photo below). I am still searching for Fisher, and will check out a few more sites in the next couple weeks. Let me know if you’re in the area and would like to join me for a night drive!

I’m planning to write up a detailed report of my sightings in New England after I move to Ohio in December.


  • Vladimir Dinets

    If you ever get to New Jersey, we could go to Great Swamp NWR. We are here until early May.

  • Conuropsis

    Nice sightings. Just to let you know that the only place in RI where there are NE Cottontails is Great Swamp WMA (other than one island in the the bay). They plan on releasing some there eventually but as of 2020 are still a few years away from doing so. All cottontails there are Easterns. I love the place, have gotten many great photos.


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