My Trip Report from South Africa

Holy shit that came out a long report… But I guess 23 days (of which about half were “safari” days) and so many places, make for a long story. I do feel like I’ve included as much information as I could, both about the animals we saw and about the animals we missed. So feel free to read it, look through the pictures, or just skip to the end 🙂




  • Jon Hall

    Nice work Tomer. Great shots of the Ele Shrew and Brown Hyena and that Marsh Mongoose was very cool too. It is hard to combine mammal and non mammal time and people on a holiday like that… and if you are still speaking to each other you have done pretty well I reckon, Caracal or not!

  • tomeslice

    Haha. Thanks Jon!
    Yeah, it’s difficult being stuck with you mom and your sister 24/7 for 3.5 weeks. But they had good energies, so aside from a few instances when I considered killing them, we had a great time! I guess I’ll need to really try for caracal in Israel now.. Like one weekend a month till I find it. 🙂

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