Various Trip Reports – India, Nepal and Yellowstone – Royle Safaris


Tiger Safari to Bandhavgarh Trip Report – Royle Safaris

A trip report from a tiger safari of Bandhavgarh National Park in India, with sightings of 4 different Tigers throughout with other highlights including a stunning male leopard in broad daylight, gaur, several jungle cats and 22 species of mammals in total.

Tiger Safari of Bandhavgarh Trip Report – Royle Safaris (2)

A tiger safari of Bandhavgarh National Park India trip report which resulted in sightings of 6 different tigers as well as other mammal highlights including sloth bear, chinkara and 20 species of mammals.

Chitwan and Bardia Wildlife Holiday Trip Report – Royle Safaris

A general wildlife watching trip taking in both Chitwan and Bardia National Parks in Nepal, mammal highlights including 28 different One-horned rhino sightings, tracking a mother and 3 fully grown tiger cubs on foot and 25 species seen including Indian fox, blackbuck, sloth bear, Asiatic elephant and jungle cat among others.

Chitwan Jungle Safari Trip Report – Royle Safaris

A short wildlife holiday to Chitwan in Nepal with 13 mammal species seen including many one-horned rhino sightings, Asiatic elephant and leopard.

Wolf Watching Trip to Yellowstone Trip Report – Royle Safaris

A dedicated wolf watching holiday in the middle of winter in Yellowstone which resulted in sightings of 23 different wolves in at least 4 different packs, including seeing breeding and the establishment of a new pack. A total of 14 species of mammals seen including wolves, coyotes, American bison, proghorn, moose and others.

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    These links do not work. Can anyone help repair them? I am specifically interested in the Yellowstone wolf report.

  2. Canis_rufus 12 months ago

    Apparently you have to be signed in to follow the link. When I tried from my personal computer where I am logged in, they worked.

    When I was first trying from my work computer where I am not logged in, I got redirected to which says:
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    Thanks for the reply.

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