Flashlight Brightness for Spotlighting on Foot

What is the ideal brightness for a flashlight for spotlighting on foot in tropical rainforests? I’ve been using my Fenix TK75 at its medium setting (600 lumens), and I am concerned that it is too bright and is scaring mammals away. While a dimmer light would be just as good for detecting eyeshine, it would be less effective for spotting animals that are not looking in my direction (or don’t have bright eyes). I am most interested in larger mammals, rather than small rodents. I’m going to a site with relatively high hunting pressure next week, so everything should be pretty skittish.

Would a red light be better?



  • Jose

    Hi There
    I personally like to use two lights, primary is a headlamp with different power settings, being the most powerful just about 200 lumens. Second is a torchlight 500 Lumens (Fenix LD41 I think) this one I usually used it just to check far away tree tops or when spotlighting from a truck on the road.

    Hope this help.

  • Jurek

    I never had an animal scared by too bright light. If they are scared it is because of a noise. I have about 800 lumen light, but I am considering buying a more powerful one, because it is too weak for treetop observations of e.g. bushbabies, and because after mounting a red filter the brightness goes down very much.

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