Last-minute Invite to Sangha Lodge

Hi everyone!

So as we’re finalizing the Dzangha-Sangha trip, we have narrowed in on dates (non-flexible, due to lodge availability and other factors) and we have figured out our entire itinerary and approximate cost. So the details are below. Currently the confirmed participants are Luc Van Den Bergh and Tomer Ben-Yehuda (that’s me). Max Chiswick is still at 80% (depending on master’s degree tasks) but he told me to just go ahead and book for now, and he’ll let us know.


So the itinerary is below. Of course the main mammal goals are: Forest Elephants, Lowland Gorillas, Bongos, White-bellied Pangolin, Red River Hogs, Giant Forest Hogs, Sitatungas, several species of Monkeys, Black-bellied pangolin (unlikely), Potto, Anomalures, Western Tree Hyrax, Spot-necked or Congo Clawless otters (some chance), and others.


We will be meeting in Yaounde, Cameroon on March 9, 2017, from where we will drive to the border over 2-2.5 days, before transfering via Sangha River to the park. The cost estimates are:
Approx. 2,464.5 Euros (2,560 USD) per person in Sangha including all the activites such as gorilla tracking, bai visits and night hikes.
2,284 Euros (2,373 USD) divided by number of people for ground travel from Younde and Back including car + boat. It comes out to 761 EUR / 791 USD if we’re 3, and 571 EUR / 593 USD if we’re 4. If we’re 5 – we use a slightly larger car but it still comes out cheaper per person – 457 EUR / 474 USD


Here’s the itinerary:


(I just marked in Blue the days of the week when there are Ethiopian Airlines flights from Addis to Yaounde, and in Orange – when there Ethiopian flights from Yaounde to Addis)

Please let me know if you’re interested as soon as possible, so that we can make the booking by next week. You can post here or email me directly at Please remember that at this point the dates are not-flexible and due to limited vacation days we are not able to visit another location (such as Lobeke) on the way there or back, but feel free to extend the tour and join us only on the Yaounde-Sangha-Yaounde part.



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  • tomeslice

    Just to clarify – the actual order of activities while at Sangha Lodge are flexible, obviously. And we may not do the waterfall/anomalure visit, but decide to replace it with Ba’aka visit. Also we can split up on some of the days, depending on how many participants come.


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