Sharing ride to Dzangha Sanga?

Dear All,

I am going to Dzangha Sanga in the first half of February. Would anyone be interested in sharing the car hire? I have a little bit of flexibility with the dates. I’ll be in DS for 6 days, but even if we could share the ride in one direction, it would save us a few hundred dollars. If interested, please let me know ASAP as I’ll be booking everything in the next few days.

Vladimir Dinets


  • Chris Roche

    Hi Vladimir – are you going in via Bangui, Cameroon or Congo?

  • Chris Roche

    thanks. in retrospect I can’t commit the time. good luck though.

  • Ian Thompson

    Hi Vladimir. Do you have any other trips in mind for West/Central Africa? I can’t get away in February but I’m hoping to get to Liberia and Sierra Leone within the next year or so. I am interested in a variety of places in the region and given some of the travel expenses involved would love to split vehicle costs.

    • Vladimir Dinets

      Hi Ian,
      Not this year, and I can’t plan anything for 2018 at the moment because I’m starting on a new job on Okinawa in September and don’t know the details yet. We are probably going to southern Africa (most likely the Cape, Namibian coast, Etosha and Okavango) in May/June 2017, but we’ll have our 2 yr old daughter with us, so even though she is a better travel buddy than most kids her age, it’s probably not a kind of trip to invite others to join (unless they also have a toddler who doesn’t mind hiking at night for three hours to spotlight a new species of shrew) 🙂
      That said, W/C Africa is very high on my wish list; it’s one of about ten places where I still can add a large number of species to my list in relatively short time, and also one of maybe five places that you have to visit most urgently if you want to see anything at all.

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