New Trip Report: Sierra de Andujar, Spain

Here’s a new report from John Wright  with some fabulous pictures especially of Iberian Lynx.

Spain, 2016: John Wright, 1 week & 11 species including Otter, Schreiber’s Bat and Spanish Lynx.




  • Colin Slator

    Hi Jon
    I am going to the exact same area mid-February and so this report is both timely and helpful. I hope I have the same luck (field skills ?) as you did. The only thing I would add is that I intend to set some Sherman traps and see what we get.
    Thanks for the advice re the car security.

  • Jon Hall

    Hi Colin, this report is from John Wright not me… so all thanks go to him! I would be careful with Sherman traps in Spain. I am not sure myself what the law is now but there have been some from a few years ago of people having run ins with the police after they were found with traps

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