Manu Trip Report

I finally finished my report for my trip to the Manu lowlands last August:

I’m going to start working on my photos from Sierra Leone now, but I suspect Jon will post his report for the trip he is leaving for today before I’m done with them…


  • zachharris67

    Great report. Nice use of Latex too.

  • Vladimir Dinets

    Great report, thanks! I volunteered in Manu NP for six weeks in 1995 and saw 120+ species of mammals; I wonder how many would be possible today with options so improved. One of my new colleagues runs a research station in Manu; I hope to check it out later this year.

  • Jon Hall

    Great stuff Ben. By the way, I have seen Short-eared Dog – only once – but at night… so they are not strictly diurnal. At least not in the western Amazon. jon

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