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There is a new paper on the phylogeny of Feliformia (cats, civets, mongooses, hyenas and relatives), available open-access here. Some interesting results:
1. Genus Herpestes is polyphyletic: Egyptian mongoose is a slender mongoose, while long-nosed mongoose should be in the same genus with marsh mongoose;
2. Madagascar’s native carnivores are a bit oversplit;
3. Chinese desert cat is not a full species after all;
4. African golden cat and caracal should be in the same genus.

  1. Peter Apps 5 years ago

    Thank you Vladimir, I dare say this will go back and forward a few times among those with divergent views.


  2. Author
    Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

    Of course. MtDNA doesn’t always produce the same tree as (more relative) nuclear DNA, etc., etc. But the close affinity between African golden cat and caracal has been proposed before, and the relationships between the “solitary mongooses” have always been controversial.

    • Peter Apps 5 years ago

      Indeed. whether the “solitary” mongooses really are solitary is a questions that needs more actual evidence. I have observations of Selous’ mongooses living in stable groups that are in the queue to be written up.


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