New Trip Report: Deramakot and the Kinabatangan River, Borneo

  1. jo dale 5 years ago

    You arrived just after we departed I believe. The glory days are not over, there have been more sightings of clouded leopard since we got back and also in danum I believe. I think the weather played a small part in the luck of our respective trips. You saw some great things, as did we, and the lack of a clouded leopard is all the more reason to return! 🙂

  2. Antee 5 years ago

    Hehe, yes. I guess I have to return…
    This time I will really check on the water level in Kinabatangan before going.

    By the way, anyone have a suggestion about the Flying fox and baby Civet on the pictures?

    • Author
      Jon Hall 5 years ago

      Hi, the fruit bat looks too small to be a Flying Fox unless those leaves are absolutely enormous. Could it be a Black-capped Fruit Bat (Chironax melanocephalus)… I don’t see much else that fits ? That other animal is strange looking… did you see a potential mother near by? I guess it could be a baby civet – small toothed palm civet maybe?- but I am not convinced really.

      • Antee 5 years ago

        Hmm, My guide told me some kind of flying fox but I also said it was too small.
        It had a fairly light nose.
        Just like this image I found from Tabin:

        Is it possible Black-capped Fruit bats come with a light nose?

        Regarding baby Civet. No mother nearby at all. It was close to a stream and my first thought was some kind of Otter but when it approached I saw it must be a baby Civet.
        Almost totally black. Just a pale strip on top of head. Common Palm Civet baby also seems to fit…


  3. Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

    Do you have larger pictures?

  4. Andreas Jonsson 5 years ago

    Sorry for late answer.
    Somehow I missed your comment 🙂

    I have uploaded these two creatures on Flickr. Not very good pictures but at least they are bigger and you can zoom in 🙂

  5. Antee 5 years ago

    Sorry for late answer.
    Somehow I missed your comment 🙂

    I have uploaded them on Flickr. Not really good pictures but at least they are bigger and you can zoom in 🙂
    You see the pale nose quite well on the Bat.

  6. michael gordon 5 years ago

    The unkown baby civet looks like an island palm to me.

    For glory days being over, sometimes we see a lot and sometimes not much. This year there has been 13 CL sightings.
    The japenese groups come about 3 times a year so not too much of a worry yet.

    • Antee 5 years ago

      Thanx Michael for the baby Civet input.

      I will be back with my CL revenge 🙂
      I need Flat headed cat revenge as well…

      By the way, have you been testing Kalabakan forest reserve yet?
      According to Tom, AA Borneo were suppose to check the area this year.

      Maybe it´s a secret but have to ask 🙂

  7. Tom Hewitt 5 years ago

    No secret, just finding time and method to get to Kalabakan most successfully

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