Sierra Leonean Squirrel ID

Does anyone know what this species is? I am all squirreled out after Sierra Leone, where we spent a large proportion of our time trying to get decent looks at shadowy squirrels and usually failing.

squirrel sp

Between us we recorded Slender-tailed Squirrel, Gambian and Red-legged Sun Squirrel, Giant Squirrel and Fire-footed Rope Squirrel. But does anyone recognise this one, taken at dawn in a palm tree deep in the rainforest?

  1. Chris Roche 8 months ago

    Hi Jon – that cheek colour is really striking! did you get a look at the tail or the underside? also what size would you say it was? sun squirrel, rope squirrel or giant squirrel size?

    ps. well done for getting a pic at all!

    • Profile photo of Jon Hall Author
      Jon Hall 8 months ago

      Hi Chris, my impression was it was a decent size… sun squirrel or bigger I think, and the tail was long and quite bushy. I have one more photo at home but I don’t think it shows anymore of the tail. Anyone know whether Western Palm Squirrels (Epixerus ebii) every look like this?

  2. Vladimir Dinets 8 months ago

    There seems to be nothing with white cheeks in West Africa, so I think it’s either an individual variation of green bush squirrel, or something undescribed.

    • Profile photo of Jon Hall Author
      Jon Hall 8 months ago

      THanks Vladimir… glad I wasn’t missing something obvious. It was I think too big, and too bushy-tailed, to be a Green Squirrel (not obvious from the photo of course). And yes those cheeks are a puzzle. If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know. I will contact some of the squirrel academics too

  3. Profile photo of geomalia
    geomalia 8 months ago

    I just emailed a mammalogist who works in the region about this. I’ll let you know if I hear back.

    Have you processed photos of the anomalure from Tiwai yet?

    • Profile photo of Jon Hall Author
      Jon Hall 8 months ago

      Thanks Ben! I will send you a couple of Anomalure pics over email. Would be good to get some more opinions on what flavor the beast is.

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