Trip Report -Bornean Mammal Tour – Feb-March 2017

BORNEAN MAMMAL TOUR 2017 – A Quest For The Elusive Mammals of The Bornean Rainforest

Jo Dale, Jens Hauser, Steve Morgan and Margarita Steinhardt 15 nights split between Danum Valley Field Centre, Kinabatangan River (Osman Homestay) and Deramakot with focus looking for Borneo’s nocturnal mammals.

47 Mammals seen including Marbled Cat, Leopard Cat, Sunda Skunk, Long-tailed & Malay Porcupines, Otter & Banded-palm Civets, Philippine Slow Loris, Western Tarsier, Pen-tailed Tree Shrew, Pygmy Elephants & Orangutan.



  • Alan D

    Fabulous report Jo et all! You had some great sightings. Deramakot continues to amaze.

    Our trip was a month later and yielded similar results with a few notable differences. Looks like the rain was a constant for all of us unfortunately.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • jo dale

    Alan, thanks, was one of the notable differeces a Leopard?? 🙂

  • kittykat23uk

    I should add that Steve co-authored the report 🙂

  • Jon Hall

    Great report. You might be disappointed about the Leopard but Otter Civet is way harder to see (and more interesting in my opinion), plus Marbled Cat, Sun Bear… amazing!

  • kittykat23uk

    We didn’t see sun bear either…

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