Canada in July

Dear All,

I’m going to be traveling in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland on July 5-9, mostly for marine mammals but also for other interesting fauna. If anybody would like to join me and share the costs of car rentals and ferries, please let me know 🙂

Vladimir Dinets

  1. Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

    I forgot to mention that for those interested, snorkeling with whales is on the itinerary 🙂

  2. John Fox 5 years ago

    What is your itinerary?

    • Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

      I’m arriving to Halifax on the night of July 4th, but the car rental offices will probably be already closed, so I’ll pick up the car at 7 am on July 5th and drive straight to this place:
      I’m reserving two trips (June 5 and 6) in case the weather isn’t good. On the night of July 6th I’ll take car ferry to Newfoundand, go to Gros Morne NP and probably to Terra Nova NP. But if the weather on July 5th is hopelessly bad, I’ll go to Newfoundland on the night of the 5th and give whalewatching a second try after coming back to Nova Scotia.
      I’ll take the daytime ferry back to look for N bottlenose whales, beaked whales and white-beaked dolphins (all possible). I’m flying back to NYC on the morning on July 10.
      If you’d like to come, you can start earlier or stay longer and explore more of Nova Scotia; N right whales should be possible near the S tip.

  3. John Fox 5 years ago

    Thanks Vladimir, I didn’t get an email and just saw this. Let me look at flights, etc and I’ll get back to you.

    • Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

      A little update: it might be a good idea to get all the way up to St. Anthony because they might already have white-nosed dolphins around. There are local ww operators you can call to find out.

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