A Site for Spotted Linsang

This paper has some beautiful photos of Spotted Linsang from Nam Et – Phou Louey National Biodiversity Conservation Area in Laos: (link). It states that “A local guide… remarked that the species is commonly seen.” I always take statements made by guides with a grain of salt, but Linsangs are difficult and this might be worth following up on. Here’s the website for the Conservation Area: http://www.namet.org/wp/en/, including information on spotlighting by boat at night. There’s also a mammal list.



  • mac hunter

    Thanks Ben. Linsangs are high on my list of desirables along with another Laos species, the kha-nyou. Do you have any insights about seeing the latter? Or any experience organizing wildlife trips to Laos? …..mac

  • geomalia

    I have not been to Laos, though both of those species are also among my most wanted. I would contact Nam Et – Phou Louey, as they are promoting wildlife tourism. Kha-Nyou is also known from Vietnam, and might be easier there. I would try contacting an NGO working on the conservation of that species. Perhaps whoever is running this project: https://www.speciesconservation.org/case-studies-projects/laotian-rock-rat/7936.


  • Vladimir Dinets

    AFAIK kha-nyou is pretty much impossible in Vietnam, but that info is from a few years ago. I’ll have an update later this year.

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