New Jersey Mammal Watching Sites

New Jersey has some interesting mammals, including the critically endangered Governor Chris Christie, and Vladimir Dinets saw a bunch of them during his year or so living in the state.

Happy 4th of July to everyone watching – or barbecuing – mammals in the USA today.

New Jersey Mammal Watching: a guide to various sites from Vladimir Dinets, with species including Northern Flying Squirrel, River Otter and Woodland Vole.




  • Conuropsis

    I just want to say bravo, another great guide to mammals by Vladimir. Being familiar with most all of those sites as a birder I can say he’s right on the mark when selecting them for his guide. I thought I’d also contribute my two cents for a couple of the places.

    Island Beach S.P. was until last year the place to see Red Fox up close and personal. I got many photos of several along the main roadside and parking areas, but going there last winter they were nowhere to be found. They may still be there, but I think something was done to them unfortunately.

    Great Swamp N.W.R. is a fabulous place to go to, but in my opinion daytime mammal watching isn’t the greatest. In all the years since 1980 I’ve gone there I’ve seen 13 species of mammals and most times only see a squirrel or two and chipmunks. If you can going at night would probably be best, which is when I guess Vladimir went, though I don’t know how he got into the after hours gated areas:-).

    For the Wallkill River N.W.R. and Sunrise Mtn. Rd. I just wanted to add that Black Bears are seen regularly at both places. I worked at the refuge for two summers and saw bears several times along the trails. At Sunrise I’ve seen several along that road too mostly before where the road goes up to the summit. And in addition to the animals listed by Vladimir for the refuge I have seen Northern Myotis, Little Brown Bat, Northern Raccoon, Striped Skunk, Red Squirrel, and Red Fox as well as the usual mammals seen in the area.

    Lastly, in Cape May at C.M. Point S.P., I almost always see Bottlenosed Dolphins swimming just off the beach. I hope this is helpful to anyone who is using this great guide.


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