taking a brief trip to sequoia/kings canyon-any things to check out in the area?


I will be taking a brief trip to sequoia with my wife and friend the last week of july. We are going to do one day around the giant forest and another driving through to zumwalt meadow, are there any good spots to check out on the way or nearby?  I won’t be able to do any hardcore night drives but though I would see if there are any quick spots to check out.


Thanks everyone,



  • Charles Hood

    Be aware that the southern road into park will be closed at night and will have delays during the day, as there will be major construction on the access road. Information and time tables given on park website.

  • gskipper

    thanks for the heads up charles, I checked the alerts and it sounds like it should be ok for when I am there.

  • Miles Foster

    Walking among those astonishing trees was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, you just cannot convey the impact to someone who hasn’t seen them. We saw a Californian condor at Isabella Lake, Sequoia, in 2008. It wasn’t ‘supposed’ to be there, but it was! Might be worth keeping an eye open! Anyway, have a great trip!

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