Emperor Tamarins and Goeldi’s Monkeys in Peru – RFI

  1. Geomalia 4 years ago

    Hi Jon,

    I’m sure you’ve seen my trip report, but:
    1. Emperor Tamarin was easy everywhere I went in the range (north of the Manu River and Madre de Dios). Reliable sites include Pakitza, Manu Birding Lodge, and Los Amigos. They are surprisingly shy, so know the sound and approach slowly.

    2. Goeldi’s Monkey – at most sites where it has been detected, it has been seen at most once or twice a year. However, I heard the Romero Trail at Limonal (the entrance to the Manu Reserve Zone) might be a good site. Do let me know if you try there!


  2. Profile photo of tomeslice
    tomeslice 4 years ago

    Hi Jon,

    I second Ben’s assessment of the emperor tamarins. I had 2 encounters with them over a week.. Once during the dawn catamaran ride on Cocha Salvador, and at the lodge right near Boca Manu, at the intersection of Manu and Madre de Dios rivers.. But their squeaks sound identical to saddleback tamarins (my guide thought it was them until I took a picture and showed him it was in fact the emperor tamarins). They seem to be active very very early, unlike most of the other diurnal monkeys there.

    About Geoldi’s – Charles Foley has the answer for that one 🙂 He got them in Bolivia… Ben, Charles and I already had an entire email chain about it. I will find it and forward it to you.

    • Profile photo of Ben S
      Ben S 4 years ago

      In my time in Manu, I saw about 1-2 groups of Emperor Tamarins per day. They were less active at mid-day, but I saw them at all daylight hours. Their twittering is similar to that of Saddleback Tamarins, but still identifiable. However, the long call is distinctive. If you want recordings, send me an email.

  3. mattinidaho 4 years ago

    I also saw them at the lodge near Boca Manu, although that was many years ago. It was a a reliable site then and from everything I see, seems remain so. There is a good trail network there.

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