Complex-toothed Flying Squirrel?

Here’s a question from Stuart Chapman who took this picture at Labahe nature reserve , Sichuan , China in Sept 2017. He isn’t sure if its a complex-toothed Flying Squirrel Trogopterus xanthipes. Can anyone identify it?


  • Vladimir Dinets

    What size was it? CTFS sure likes rocks, but it’s supposed to be more gray and less orange. And there’s a bunch of giant flying squirrels in Sichuan that have this kind of color pattern.

  • Stuart

    Hi Vladimir, It was a medium sized animal for a flying squirrel (i.e. a body slightly larger than a N.American grey squirrel). We saw the another of the same spp on another rock ledge at a lower elevation of about 1,300 m

  • Vladimir Dinets

    In this case it’s got to be CTFS… at least I can’t think of anything else.

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