Where Can I See A Black Mongoose in Namibia?

Looks like I will be in Namibia next month and should have a weekend to look for a Black Mongoose. Does anyone have any hot tips on where to look?

And information on bat roosts, Whistling Rats and other rodents would also be great.



  1. Brett Hartl 5 years ago

    I saw 2 black mongoose at Waterberg camp NWR just outside Waterberg Plateau NP in 2015.

    • Author
      Jon Hall 5 years ago

      Thanks. Were they a pair or separate sightings? And did you just bump into them or were they coming into camp?

  2. Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

    Just read my trip report from last summer 🙂

  3. Chris Townend 5 years ago

    Hi Jon,
    I am guessing you probably already know this but Erongo Wilderness Lodge is a regular site within the grounds. I saw one with my group dash across the road on the approachbtrack to the lodge: http://www.wisebirding.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/FINAL-Report-NAMIBIA-NOV-2016.pdf
    Though I never stayed at the lodge, but certainly worth making a few enquiries with staying there. Good luck!

  4. Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

    Also, Arnhem Cave 2 hrs E of Windhoek is a great place to see many species of bats, plus there are some nice small mammals around the entrance – see my 2008 report.

  5. Matt & Maureen 5 years ago

    We just got back from Namibia on Monday, and we saw a pair of black mongoose at Erongo Wilderness Lodge. The chap there (forget his name) told us they’re often spotted on the boulder slopes to the right of the camp (to the right as you’re looking at the camp from outside). So we took the advice of that Phd student you mentioned, and found an excellent spot overlooking the slope at 7am and settled down to wait. I think it was around 7:30am that the mongooses appeared and spent a good 5-10 mins gradually traversing the slope. Shadowy little devils!

    To be exact: as you’re standing looking at the camp gate, take a path immediately on your right. If you follow it for a minute, you’ll actually be crossing the boulder slope where we saw the mongooses. But if you just go a few yards along the trail and then branch onto a smaller trail on the right right, it’ll take you to a good spot to overlook the slope instead.

    • Author
      Jon Hall 5 years ago

      Thanks Matt & Maureen this iOS really useful information! I tracked down the PHD student I met 10 years and she confirmed that Erongo is a great place still … especially the campsite. So I hope to get there and perhaps the lodge too.

      • Matt & Maureen 5 years ago

        Good luck! Oh, and just in case my wording was confusing: I’m ONLY talking about the lodge, which is where we stayed. I was saying “camp” cos they’re posh tents. ; ) We didn’t explore around the campsite.

        • Author
          Jon Hall 5 years ago

          I understood! There is a campsite at Spitzkopppe which is meant to be good for them too.

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