Need ID help – Arizona – Bat and Chipmunk

IMG_6923BATSP IMG_66051 IMG_6921BAT IMG_6921BAT


I am busy writing two reports on our USA trips this year but I ran into two ID issues when sorting out the Arizona photos:

Is the attached chipmunk a Colorado Chipmunk? Photo was taken at the north rim in Grand Canyon. It appeared redder than the Uinta’s I had seen. And the Uinta Chipmunks usually had a fainter browner/rufous lower stripe (closest to the belly). This one is rather bold and blackish, but my mammal guide (Peterson) suggests the chipmunk should be redder on the legs although maybe the colour is a bit “bleached” by the sun.

The bat photo was taken at the outer edge of Oak Creek village (near Sedona). It was a medium-sized bat, wingspan guestimated at about 40-50 cm, definitely not 30 cm or less. Height/size (head/body) definitely >50 mm, but definitely smaller than 100 mm, most likely 50-65 mm range. Sorry for posting one photo twice but I did not find out how to delete it.



  1. Venkat Sankar 5 years ago

    The bat looks like a Pallid Bat. They have a pretty distinctive nose.

    As for the chipmunk I’m really not sure… All the Uinta Chipmunks I’ve seen looked duller and more brownish than the one you have here. I’ve never been to Grand Canyon N Rim, but from a bit of research online it seems like the only possible species similar to what you photographed is Uinta–all the records of Colorado from there are misidentifications it seems.

  2. Curtis Hart 5 years ago

    I agree with Pallid Bat. Tough from those photos though.

  3. Author
    sjefo 5 years ago

    Thanks guys!

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