New Trip Report: Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea)

Here’s a great report from Curtis Hart, building on his previous visit to Bioko Island, after a return visit earlier this year.  Loads of cool stuff… oh if only I knew how to get a visa I would be there in a heartbeat.

Bioko Island, 2017: Curtis Hart, two prolonged visits with species including Drill, Cameroon Scaly-tail, Black Colobus, African Lingsang and Tree Pangolin.



  • Venkat Sankar

    Wow… Certainly a place to dream about. Are the permits for the Southern Beaches, Moka, and Pico Basile particularly difficult to get?

  • AfriBats

    Hi Curtis, excellent report with many exciting observations! Would be great to see some of them, especially bats, shared with iNaturalist. Please have a look at

    Many thanks!

  • Theo Linders

    Interestingly I found on the website of the embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Berlin that it is not anymore necessary to have a letter of invitation that is approved by the Ministry of National Security, as long as you can show hotel reservations. This seems to have been a major obstacle before, at least for Europeans…. So the only real obstacle seems getting the necessary permits, but in that BBPP can apparently help. So overall it seems quite possible to get there if you wanted to.

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