New Trip Report: Bioko Island (Equatorial Guinea)

Here’s a great report from Curtis Hart, building on his previous visit to Bioko Island, after a return visit earlier this year.  Loads of cool stuff… oh if only I knew how to get a visa I would be there in a heartbeat.

Bioko Island, 2017: Curtis Hart, two prolonged visits with species including Drill, Cameroon Scaly-tail, Black Colobus, African Lingsang and Tree Pangolin.


  1. Venkat Sankar 4 weeks ago

    Wow… Certainly a place to dream about. Are the permits for the Southern Beaches, Moka, and Pico Basile particularly difficult to get?

    • Curtis Hart 3 weeks ago

      On your own, a little time consuming. If you go through the BBPP, very easy, but a bit expensive.

  2. AfriBats 3 weeks ago

    Hi Curtis, excellent report with many exciting observations! Would be great to see some of them, especially bats, shared with iNaturalist. Please have a look at

    Many thanks!

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