Papua New Guinea ID’s required

On a trip to Papua New Guinea in August/September we, surprisingly, did see a few mammals, although we have to admit to being there mainly to look for birds….sorry!

The first picture is of what we took to be Greater Flying Foxes seen on the Elevela River about 2 hours by boat from Kiunga.


The second is what we guess to be a Black-tailed Giant Rat, seen at Kumul Lodge, Enga Province at 2900 metres.


The third is also from Kumul Lodge at 2900 metres, to our untutored eyes it resembled a Long-nosed Bandicoot. It did not appear to have a tail.

UW5A5874_DxO_2 - Copy-min

Any input would be appreciated.

I will post separately pictures of a mammal seen at Varirata NP in PNG.


  • Paul Coleman

    The second picture is Uromys anak, the Black-tailed giant rat according to George McGavin and
    Kristofer Helgen of Adelaide University who looked at my picture also taken at Kumul during evening of October 12th 2017.

  • Steve Firth

    Thank you very much Paul, I appreciate you taking the time to confirm the sighting.

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