Snow Leopard(s) in Mongolia

  1. Samuel Marlin 5 years ago

    Wonderful trip report ! Thanks for sharing

  2. tomeslice 5 years ago

    Really awesome report!
    Who would have thought, a decade ago, that snow leopard will be another species that you can find with confidence if visiting the right places…

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Stephen Shelley 5 years ago

    An excellent trip report; congratulations on your sightings!

    One thing – looking at the picture of the polecat in your trip report it seems to look more like a marbled rather than a steppe polecat; it has the conspicuous white stripe encircling the entire face and sticking up white ears that characterise the marbled polecat.

  4. Charles Foley 5 years ago

    I agree Stephen, it looks like a marbled to me too.

  5. Laurent 5 years ago

    Hi, this is an awesome report, thanks for sharing. I hope to visit Mongolia soon.

    When you mention you’ve seen a Clouded Leopard before,I guess you’re talking about Sunda Clouded Leopard right? I’m looking to find anyone who has seen an Indochinese Clouded Leopard.

  6. SteveFirth 4 years ago

    Hi Arne & Edith,
    Inspired by your Trip Report we are travelling to Mongolia to look for Snow Leopard etc, and
    we are using Tumen and Oyunaa’s services.

    When you stayed in the Ger, did you bring your own sleeping bags? We are visiting from September 22nd to October 6th, a bit later than your trip, so it may be a little colder.

    We are taking a thermal scope (new for us) and are looking to keep the rest of our weight down as much as we can!

    Any advice that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


    Steve Firth & Catherine Griffiths

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