Help Us Build a Mammal Call Library

A few months ago Matthias D’Haen suggested we compile a collection of mammal sounds.

I’ve just created a page in the Resources Section that lists a very few places where mammal sounds are available. I am sure there are many more resources out there though so if you know of other links, CDs etc we can include please let us know. Also, if you have your own recordings that you want to share then send them through!



  1. Ingo Weiss 5 years ago

    Hi all, has a large worldwide sound collection:

    “The Animal Sound Archive at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin is one of the oldest and largest collections of animal sounds. Presently, the collection consists of about 120,000 bioacoustical recordings comprising almost all groups of animals.

    1.800 bird species, 580 mammalian species, more then150 species of invertebrates and some fishes, amphibians and reptiles.”

    Ingo Weiss

    • Author
      Jon Hall 5 years ago

      Thanks Ingo. Great. I will add a link.

  2. Ingo Weiss 5 years ago

    For European Mammals there is also a 2CD set in French “Guide sonore des mammiferes d´Europe” by Jean C. Roche and Boris Jollivet. It covers 46 species, though it is not complete of course. The second CD is not for id, but soundscapes.

  3. Author
    Jon Hall 5 years ago

    THanks again Ingo. I have added all these. And the first site you mentioned – from the Berlin Museum – had several other links to major collections which I have also included now.

  4. AfriBats 5 years ago

    iNaturalist allows users to directly upload sounds, which can be accessed here:

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