Tree Kangaroos in the Arfak Mountains

Marc Thibault recently posted an excellent report about a birding trip to West Papua. In it, he indicated that Mupi Gunung is reputed as a good site for mammal-watching and that he had seen Black Tree Kangaroo there. I emailed him, and he told me that he also saw D’Alberti’s or Reclusive Ring-tailed Possum (probably D’Alberti’s), and sent me a link which indicated that at least two and perhaps three species of Tree Kangaroos are possible at that site. This is very exciting, as I hadn’t heard of any sites at which Tree Kangaroos could be reliably seen in Papua! I hope to make it there sometime in the future.

I’ve also emailed some contacts to ask if Long-beaked Echidna might be possible. Probably not, but one never knows…



  • Jon Hall

    This is great Ben – thanks. I am going to start planning a 2019 trip to PNG and this is additional incentive! Would love to hear more about the Long-beaked Echidnas too.

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