New Trip Report: Thailand

Hi all

Here’s a report on my trip to Kaeng Krachan, Khao Yai and Pang Sida in November- December last year. I know some users of the forum are planning trips in the near future so wanted to get it posted before I go away for work for a few weeks, so it was finished in a bit of a rush – do let me know if any sentences aren’t finished, or any other errors! Hopefully I’ll edit it to include some pics at some point.



Thailand 2017


  • tomeslice

    Super awesome report! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I haven’t made it to Thailand yet, but it’s on the list…

    Best regards!

  • Maurice Tijm

    Great report. You did especially good around the stake outs: sun bear (still hurts), yellow throated marten, serow. I was there in july missed all of these (although sun bear was a lack of luck). It would be interested to know whether the serow and the martens only hang out at these spots in the dry season.

    On the contrary in july Irrawaddy Dolphins were at two different river mouths on departure and arrival (five sightings) during our wild encounter whale watch tours. Brydes whale (or whatever it will be) were not seen on our lengthy first tour and only seen at the end of our second tour. These are long days out out on very flat water so these whales are rare at least for a large part of the year.

    • mikehoit

      Hi Maurice
      Thanks, appreciate your comments! The bear sightings were pure luck, and I doubt I’d have looked in the right place for Serow had I not booked to stay at Jungle Planet by chance. My understanding was that it was a good time of year for the whales, and there had been plenty of sightings in the weeks leading up to it; as I said, I should know better than be overconfident! It does seem that the dolphins are more regularly encountered in July-August, one to bear in mind for future visitors.
      Interesting to know that the martens at KK may not always be guaranteed – I wonder if it could be down to reduced visitor numbers in the wet season? Certainly in the dry season it seems to be regularly encountered by birders throughout the park (I had two sightings of animals dashing across the track in 2009).
      cheers, Mike

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