New Trip Report: Uganda

A new report from Samuel Marlin, who was back in Africa this month, this time in Uganda. A country very high on my wish list.

Uganda, 2018: Samuel Marlin, 2 weeks & 39 species including Central African Red Colobus and Ugandan Mangabey among 13 confirmed primates, Ruwenzori Sun Squirrel and Alexander’s Dwarf Squirrel.



  • william boehm

    you had an amazing trip. i hadnt been to Uganda since 2000, and did the same national parks. especially loved Bwindi, but our visit was 8 months after rebels had attacked the park headquarters and taken european tourist hostages, killing several of them.
    love the leopard and cub shot..rare sighting.
    thankyou for sharing bill

  • samuel

    Thanks for your comment bill. Appreciated. Samuel

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