Amur Leopard 2018 Tour Success – Trip Report

In February and March 2018 Royle Safaris ran the first tourist trips to specifically photograph the highly endangered and elusive Amur leopard. We have special access to a photography hide deep inside Kedrova Pad National Park. The hide has room for 3 people to spend all day and all night in there and we have camera traps and night vision to help in your quest to see this incredible animal.

We were unsure exactly as to the success rate of seeing this animal, however after 2 trips we had leopards visit the hide area on 3 occassions when we had clients inside the hide. The below attachment is a trip report for the first trip (February 2018) and we had a further leopard visit the hide on the second trip in March 2018.

We have sold out our December 2018 tour already and the second link is a brochure for our remaining 2018-19 winter tours for Amur leopards. We also run these tours at the start and end of our very popular Siberian tiger winter tours, so people can combine them if they wish. Information on this option is on the third link.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these trips.

Amur Leopard Photography Tour Trip Report

Amur Leopard Photography Tours 2018-19

Amur Leopard & Siberian Tiger Combined Tours for 2018-19

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