Sichuan’s Mammals 2019 – Spaces available

Hi, after our successful recent trip to Sichuan Royle Safaris is repeating this trip for 2019. We focus on two of the well known hotspots for mammals (Pallas’s Cat, Chinese Mountain Cat, Sichuan Takin, Chinese Serow etc) which are Tangjiahe and Rouergai, but we also have access and a team of trackers to help us hike around the Wolong Natural Nature Reserve which is home to the highest density of wild pandas in the world. This makes our mammal watching trip to China unique and potentially resulting in sightings of one of the world’s most iconic and elusive species.

For anyone interested please contact me (, we have not advertised this itinerary and have offered it currently to a handful of interested clients. We have a capacity of 4 people and 2 of these spots have already been taken up. We will run the trip twice annually, however the second tour has also been provisionally booked as a private tour. So we only have 2 places left for March 2019.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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