Amur Leopard & Siberian Tiger Tours 2018

After our very successful Amur Leopard Photography Tours in February and March 2018 we are repeating this tour for November & December 2018 and then again for early 2019.

The three links below are for the three different tours we are offering for big cats in Russia. The first being our specific Amur Leopard Photography Tour, then our Siberian Tiger Winter Tour and then a combined option for joining both of these trips.

Amur Leopard Photography – 2018-19 Amur Leopard & Siberian Tiger Combined Tours – 2018-19 (F) Siberian Tiger Winter Tour – 2018-19

We currently have just one space left on our November 2018 Amur leopard tour and 3 spaces on our November/December 2018 tour.

Please get in touch with me here or email at for more information and any possible offers or discounts we have available on these trips.

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