New Trip Report: Scotland -> Spitsbergen

  1. Daan Drukker 4 years ago

    Hello Dominic,

    Nice to read your trip report! As we discussed on board, I am now convinced that all seals that we saw on the packice near Greenland were either ringed seals or hooded seals. I got some decent shots of boths species and I think every seal we doubted on was in fact a hooded seal (all juveniles). The strange thing is that some had brown backs and others more silvery blue. You can find the photos here:

    Is this the right place to ask other peoples opinion on the issue as well? Or is there a forum topic for stuff like this (I am new to

    Kind regards,

  2. Author
    Jon Hall 4 years ago

    Hi Daan. Yes this is as good a place as any to post pictures and ask opinions. Look forward to seeing them.

  3. Daan Drukker 4 years ago

    Thanks Jon,

    I hope that people here can confirm my ID’s on juvenile hooded seals. We saw the more “classic” ones with blue backs (photos in this link):

    and quite a few with more brown on the back. These individuals were consistantly larger, so I suspect the colour is linked to the age of the seals:


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