New Trip Report: Zakouma National Park, Chad

Here’s the’s very first report from Chad, from a park that seems truly spectacular (check out some of the images on Google of massive congregations of mammals and birds).

Zakouma National Park, 2018: John Weir, 1 week & 37 species including Red-fronted Gazelle, Patas Monkey, Honey Badger and a Marsh Mongoose.




  • Venkat Sankar

    Great stuff! Quite happy see a report from Zakouma, as I’ve long wanted to visit this park. Probably the best place in Africa for all those Sahel species (Pale Fox, Red-fronted Gazelle, etc.). The concentrations of wildlife are also really quite stunning. Unfortunately the park seems quite tough to get to as it’s either a very expensive charter flight (scheduled departure) or a 12+ hour drive from Ndjamena. I guess it doesn’t really seem to be set up for more independent travel yet. Hopefully one day–it would be great to combine with the places up north (Ouadi Rime) with Dama Gazelle, Fennec, and (reintroduced; the only properly countable IMO) Scimitar-horned Oryx.

    I’d be very keen to know if someone has driven to the park recently, and if so how they coordinated activities (day/night drives) and guiding at Tinga camp while there.

  • Vladimir Dinets

    Nice report! But it is sad to see people still using Groves and Grubb’s crappy work as scientific reference. It is pretty much universally considered to be one of the worst examples of taxonomic inflation floating around, and shouldn’t be mistaken for a legitimate source.

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