Sun bear trip – Thailand

  1. tomeslice 4 years ago

    Excellent sighting! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    When did you see giant Panda? Was it before they closed down Foping? Or did you see them elsewhere?

  2. Author
    Stuart Chapman 4 years ago

    I worked in Wolong panda reserve in the early 1990’s , and in the two years I lived there, I saw a panda on one occasion. The state of China’s parks in those days was dire. Indifference to in-situ conservation, poorly performing rangers and open wildlife markets selling everything I longed to see in the wild. Thankfully , there appears to have been a transformation in the last 10 years with many previously hard to see mammals making a comeback coupled with strict law enforcement , a logging ban and the creation of new protected areas.

  3. tomeslice 4 years ago

    Very cool!
    I must make it back to Sichuan… but concentrate on wildlife this time (I was there with my parents back in 2014 and only did the scenic stuff… which was still very awesome).


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