Istanbul – Persian Squirrel Twitch

So, if you are in Istanbul with a long layover, or no desire to brave the crowds at the Topkapi Museum, then why not go find a Persian Squirrel!  When I looked for Persian Squirrels in Akseki in Turkey I was almost arrested (on suspicion of looting the local cemetry). This sounds a much easier propostion.

Persian Squirrels in Istanbul, 2012: Kevin Bryan’s very helpful guide on an apparently excellent and convenient location to see a Persian Squirrel (albeit an introduced population by the sound of things – see comment below).



  • geomalia

    Apparently the Persian Squirrel is not native to the European side of Istanbul, and was introduced in 1964:

  • Nayer Youakim

    I finally managed to see this species very easily once I’d read mention of Yildiz Park on here. Thanks!
    On Sunday morning (12th January 2020) they were easy to spot. After a few minutes of walking in from the entrance I saw branches in trees bouncing in that unmistakeable fashion following a mammal’s leap. I subsequently got very good views. Thanks to all who’ve highlighted this park!

    I have previously seen Northern[?] white-breasted hedgehog in the grounds of the hotels across the road on summer nights – in the hope that some were resident and coming out of hibernation particularly early I naively went looking the same evening but with no luck. According to staff it turns out that the few hedgehogs they see are actually visitors from Yildiz Park, where there’s known to be a healthy population. I imagine they’d be easy to see if access could be secured overnight (or at least late evenings), but unfortunately I’m not sure of park opening times.

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