Gabon Mammal Tour 2019 – One Space Left

I think this is perfect timing, after Jon’s excellent and mouth watering trip report from Gabon, to say that Royle Safaris has a Gabon Wildlife Holiday (focusing principally on Mandrill & Lowland Gorilla; but with chances for Red River Hog and of course Giant Pangolin too) in June/July 2019.

We are running the tour with 6 people and have one place available. As Jon mentions in the report Gabon is not a cheap destination, however the 10 day tour hits the best places for some of the world’s most sought after species and we believe any wildlife enthusiast will have a great time.

We have a thermal scope with us and at least one of the clients booked on the trip has one too. We have all of the same guides as Jon hired and so have access to any collared Red River Hogs or Giant Pangolins that are open for tracking. Plus we have a night in Mikongo included and night walk where we hope to be as lucky as Jon.

A full itinerary and costs etc can be sent to anyone interested, but a brief overview is:

Day 1 – Arrival in Libreville – if arrival is early there is a optional trip to Akanda National Park today.

Day 2 – Libreville until the evening train to Lope National Park

Day 3 – Lope National Park / Mikongo

Day 4 – Mikongo / Lope National Park

Day 5 – Lope National Park – evening train to Ndjole

Day 6 – Ndjole / Lambarene

Day 7 – Ogooue River – Loango National Park

Day 8 – Loango National Park (Akaka River)

Day 9 – Loango National Park (Iguela Lagoon)

Day 10 – Loango National Park – Port Gentil – Libreville – evening / night departure

I look forward to hearing back from people interested in this trip. For anyone interested you can contact me ( or via here.


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