Anybody wants to join us for Borneo in 2019 with AA Borneo?

Hi everyone,

Excitingly, I managed to work out a great itinerary with AA Borneo for Oct 2019 for up to 6 people (including myself) and for an attractive price! Since they’re always booked over a year in advance (understandably!) I was very fortunate to book with them for 19 full days of mammal exploration at Tawau Hills, Deramakot, Kinabatang River, Danum Valley and Mt. Kinabalu, looking for all the rare, bizarre and interesting mammals of Borneo. The prime targets will be of course the clouded leopard (10 nights at Deramakot dedicated for the task), marbled cat, sun bear, bay cat (extremely difficult, but found at Tawau Hills), Hose’s civet (also very difficult but found at Tawau and Mount K), flat-headed cat, western tarsier, and anything else we can find, with our eyes out for sunda pangolin of course, tufted ground squirrel, banded linsang which has been seen more than a few times in the past year and a half or so, etc.

The itinerary is as follows:

Date      Day Sleep
29/09/2019 1 Tawau
30/09/2019 2 Tawau
01/10/2019 3 DVFC
02/10/2019 4 DVFC
03/10/2019 5 Kinabatang
04/10/2019 6 Deramakot  
05/10/2019 7 Deramakot  
06/10/2019 8 Deramakot 
07/10/2019 9 Deramakot 
08/10/2019 10 Deramakot  
09/10/2019 11 Deramakot 
10/10/2019 12 Deramakot 
11/10/2019 13 Deramakot  
12/10/2019 14 Deramakot  
13/10/2019 15 Deramakot  
14/10/2019 16 Mount K  
15/10/2019 17 Mount K  
16/10/2019 18 Mount K  
17/10/2019 19 Depart

We will meet at Tawau, and everything else will be taken care of from there until our departure from Kota Kinabalu. Tom did a great job to get a very attractive cost as well, so this is going to be a great adventure!

So far there are 3 people almost-confirmed (well, I’m confirmed + 2 more friends), with 1 more interested, so there is 2-3 more spots open. First come – first serve. Contact me via email:

Not to make you drool or anything, but 2 weeks ago they had 4 different clouded leopard sightings in a week, and on one of those leopard nights they also saw a sunda pangolin and a sunbear (yes, all in 1 night!).


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