New Trip Report: Sichuan, 2018 (including a mega mammal)

Here’s a report of a fantastic trip to Sichuan from Rauno Väisänen,

Sichuan, 2018: Rauno Väisänen, 2 weeks & 40 species including Red Panda, Asiatic Black Bear, Hog Badger and (drum roll) Giant Panda.





  • tomeslice

    Wow, good job on the giant panda!
    And everything else, of course!
    That’s great, I’m very jealous. Do you have pictures from this trip posted anywhere?

  • Antee

    I think I know where you saw the Giant Panda.
    I was there with Roland in 2017.

    Unfortunately we interrupted the climb halfway due to miserable conditions with light rain, fog and muddy/slippery path.

    As I understand it, it is a fairly good chance to see them here and should be the “easiest” place to see Giant Panda in China these days.
    Great sighting!

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