New Trip Report: Uganda

A new report from Brett Hartl.

Uganda, 2018: Brett Hartl, 19 days & 57 species including Chequered Elephant Shrew, Black-fronted Duiker and 13 species of primates.  Plus a couple of unidentified rodents in photos if anyone can help…?



  • tomeslice

    Excellent report!
    I need to make it there soon 🙂

  • mikehoit

    My semi-educated-guess for the terrestrial rodent would be an Arvicanthis sp – from memory A. niloticus (African Grass Rat) is the regular one in Uganda.

    Not a clue for the arboreal one, but whatever it is I’d like to see one!

    cheers, Mike

  • MattEP

    Im 90% sure the other one, in the tree, is the cricetomys emini – or in other words – The emins pouched rat. It has the clear distinction between the abdomen and the upper body. Also the “mask” is visible. Do you have any photos of the tail? The tip should be white and if so im 99% sure it is the emins pouched rat.

  • Charles

    Hi Brett, how big was the rodent in the tree? Mouse sized, large rat sized? It looks too small to me to be a Cricetomys, which is a really large rodent, unless it happened to be a very young one.

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