Dwarf Bharal Tour. China, Yunnan, Rini Mountain 2018

Hi all, I am back from Yunnan, China, where I was looking for Dwarf Bharal. It is probably one of the least documented ungulates in the world. In fact, until yesterday you wouldn’t find a photo of a life animal in the internet at all. Now this gap is closed: My trip report and a chapter on the species is available here: http://www.wilddocu.de/dwarf-bharal-tour-china-yunnan-rini-mountain-2018/http://www.wilddocu.de/dwarf-bharal-pseudois-schaeferi/

What is really cool is the feeding behaviour of the the Rini Mountain population: Only at this site the bharals have specialized on cacti and learned how to remove the spines with their horns.

Enjoy! Ralf


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