all members of north american raccoon family in one day

Some of you know that I originally had plans to go to Northern California for my bday trip in late November but I cancelled it b/c of rain. I decided I still wanted to go somewhere so I ended up going to Southeast Arizona. I know that November isn’t a great time for mammals but I did get a cool milestone in Madera Canyon. I saw all 3 members of the raccoon family on November 20th in Madera Canyon/Santa Rita Lodge. I saw a Coati around 1pm and a ringtail about 6pm and a raccoon around 6 also. I think this could be an excellent spot to see all three at different times of the year since even in November worked. Santa Rita lodge said that the ringtail comes out right after dusk every night near cabin 10 and the raccoon lives in a tree cavity also right near cabin 10.


  • John J Van Niel

    Congratulations! I was there ten days after you and looked hard for the ringtail but came up empty. Staff said it was probably too cold for them to be regularly active at that time.

  • Richard

    That’s awesome. Ringtails are very good at not being seen, but other times they will come right in and investigate. Congratulations on your great day.

  • William Vanderpoel

    Very cool! I have been to Madera dozens of times and have never seen a Ringtail. Seen bear numerous times, and come to think of it I have never seen a Coati there either! Evidence of the need to micro-search vs just hiking and night driving! Great pictures as well!

  • Gary Skipper

    I am sorry you didn’t see the ringtail John. Hopefully next time. We weren’t able to see the cotton rats at sweetwater and gilbert but were glad we got one of our big goals.

  • Gary Skipper

    Thank you Richard. I have looked many other times and places for them and this was the first time that worked.

  • Gary Skipper

    Thank you William, its cool that you have seen bear there. I heard they aren’t usually out as late as November, so I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t see one.

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