Platypus at Euroa

Platypus are reasonably common in suitable habitat but can be difficult to see. While camping in a caravan park at Euroa last September we got an excellent view of platypus activity swimming up and down a short section of creek over an extended period.

We were camping overlooking the Seven Creeks (despite it’s name, only one creek, at least in Euroa). Coming back from my morning bird walk at about 8am I was surprised to see one in the creek below. Soon I realised there were two, possibly three, and they kept up their activity until we left about 11am.

I have never seen such persistent activity by a platypus in such an open area for so long, and so far into the day. What is more unusual is that we had two dogs with us, and while they were well behaved, the platypus did not seem to notice them either. I spoke to the girl in the office, and she expressed no surprise, so this must be normal for these animals.

Euroa is small but historic town about 2 hours north of Melbourne on the main highway between Melbourne and Sydney.


  • Miles Foster

    Thanks, Michael,

    helpful directions and noted for my next trip to Australia.


  • Matt Pep

    Way north at the platypus viewing platform at Yungaburra (atherton tablelands) i once saw a platypus be active around 12:00. It was still there when we left at 13:00 and was there still once we returned at 17:00. I think it’s uncommon, but it happens more than we think.

  • Miles Foster

    On the subject of diurnal platypus activity, my wife and I watched 3 platypuses 11.00 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. at the Tasmanian Arboretum last September, it was a mild and very sunny day. Animals don’t read textbooks. I suppose.

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