Borneo’s Rare Mammals Tour – Royle Safaris Trip Report August 2018

Borneo’s Rare Mammals – Royle Safaris Trip Report

In August 2018 Royle Safaris ran a very specialist mammal watching tour of Sabah, Borneo.We were focused on some of the harder to see species and some of the extremely hard to see species. With the help of our excellent local team and scientists we decided to try for some species such as Bay Cat, Hose’s Civet and Tufted Ground Squirrel in Tawau Hills National Park. This was a pioneering trip there with a group and resulted in some excellent sightings (Brook’s squirrel, Kayan slow loris, Whitehead’s pygmy squirrel and Whiskered flying squirrel) even if we didn’t get sightings of the Bay cat and Hose’s civet.

We were scuppered by some unusually heavy rain and some other bad luck, and so didn’t get all of our targets. But with 66 mammal species recorded (many bats with the help of bat detectors) it was a great success. Other highlights included Sunda stink badger, Binturong, Banded civet and Collared mongoose.

We run this trip every year and have changed the itinerary for 2019, but all of these locations and more can be visited in our 2019 tour and extension. If you would like to hear more about these options please contact me (

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