OMG – ITS AWARDS NIGHT! The 2018 N.U.T.T.E.R Awards

Oscars? What Oscars?! The only game in town is this call for nominations for the 2018 awards for Mammalwatching’s most Notable, Unique, Tantalizing, Tenacious and Enlightening Reports: The N.U.T.T.E.R awards (thank you Charles Foley).

All trip reports covering 2018 on are eligible for an award. Please comment below or write me ( with your nominations for reports/reporters under any or all of the following categories before 7 March.

In the middle of March we will open a poll to select the winners. I’m pretty sure the rest of the world must be as excited as I am!

The NUTTER Award Categories are:

  1. Best Trip (Independent)
  2. Best Trip (Guided)
  3. Most Pioneering Trip
  4. Most Informative Trip Reporter
  5. Best Mega Mammal
  6. Best Obscure Mammal (i.e. a species almost no one has heard of)
  7. Best Close Encounter
  8. Most Frustrating Miss (or partial miss). This does not have to come from a trip report and we will accept short anecdotes for this one, the more painful the better.

Thanks to Ben Schwienhart for his help on the categories. Just to be clear there is no prize other than the honour of winning. This is like getting a Knighthood from the British Monarch. Only more important. Obviously.


  1. Curtis Hart 4 years ago

    I’m guessing someone else need to nominate you for 1-6, but you nominate yourself for 7 and 8?

    For 3 I would nominate the Gabon trip taken by many people.
    For 5, I think the clear stand outs are the Javan Rhino, Panda Bear, and Giant Pangolins.

    If we had done this for 2017, I would have been in the running for 7 and 8. For 2018 my best mammal experience was turning on my thermal imager for my first night walk with it in the lowlands of Nicaragua, and finding a Wrinkle-faced Bat in seconds. It let us approach and observe it from less than a meter away.

  2. Author
    Jon Hall 4 years ago

    Thanks to those who have sent me nominations. Would love to get some more before voting… here are a few suggestions from me which may job your memory

    1. Best independent trip –
    Valentin Moser Morocco 2018 trip
    Michael Kessler’s Colombia Trip

    2. Best Guided Trip –
    Stefan Lithner Somali and Gondar Regions, Ethiopia

    3. Most Pioneering trip –
    Frans De Schamphelaere Tajikistan 2018

    6. Best Obscure Mammal – Stefan Lithner Speke’s Pectinator … Perhaps not as obscure (or as interesting) as some sightings but I love the name of this species


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