Sabah again

Sorry for bugging the community again, but we have tickets to Kota Kinabalu for early May and Deramakot is booked solid. What are the best alternatives? We’ll spend a couple nights at Gunung Kinabalu and maybe a night at Poring and perhaps another night somewhere along the Kinabatangan. Danum and Tabin are nice but it’s a very long drive and we have a 4 year-old kid. Anything in between?
Update: how about a side trip to Ulu Temburong? It just occurred to me that Brunei is not that far away.


  • sjefo

    More or less in the same direction as deramakot: Imbak Canyon. Does probably require a 4WD
    Or Crocker Range NP (but access options are somewhat limited)
    Mesilau entrance in Kinabalu

  • tomeslice

    Hi Vladimir,

    According to Google Maps, the drive from the Kinabatang lodges to Deramakot is the same as the drive to the Danum Valley Field Center, both being about 4 hours and 10-20 minutes. The drive to Tabin is even shorter (according to Google Maps, again) at only 3 hours and 10 minutes.

    If you do at least 1 night on the river before your excursion to either Danum Valley or Tabin, and an additional night afterwards, I think the drive will be managable. An added benefit of having 2 separate nights on the river is that if the water level on the first visit is “too high” for riverbank mammals (flat-headed cat and friends), it may change a few days later.

    Otherwise, as Sjef mentioned, Imbak sounds interesting, and is something AABorneo offers guided tours to explore.


    • Vladimir Dinets

      Yes, but Deramakot is along the way and Danum/Tabin are on the opposite side, so it’s a lot of extra driving 🙁

  • Tom Hewitt

    Try contacting AA Borneo Vladimir re Deramakot and Imbak or Tabin or Danum

  • Natalia Rodríguez Pardo

    Discovery center near Sepilok. It is good for western tarsier and more

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