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Sorry for bugging the community again, but we have tickets to Kota Kinabalu for early May and Deramakot is booked solid. What are the best alternatives? We’ll spend a couple nights at Gunung Kinabalu and maybe a night at Poring and perhaps another night somewhere along the Kinabatangan. Danum and Tabin are nice but it’s a very long drive and we have a 4 year-old kid. Anything in between?
Update: how about a side trip to Ulu Temburong? It just occurred to me that Brunei is not that far away.

  1. sjefo 4 years ago

    More or less in the same direction as deramakot: Imbak Canyon. Does probably require a 4WD
    Or Crocker Range NP (but access options are somewhat limited)
    Mesilau entrance in Kinabalu

    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 4 years ago

      Thanks! What’s accommodation like at Imbak?

    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 4 years ago

      Melisau Trail and Gate are apparently still closed after the earthquake.

  2. tomeslice 4 years ago

    Hi Vladimir,

    According to Google Maps, the drive from the Kinabatang lodges to Deramakot is the same as the drive to the Danum Valley Field Center, both being about 4 hours and 10-20 minutes. The drive to Tabin is even shorter (according to Google Maps, again) at only 3 hours and 10 minutes.

    If you do at least 1 night on the river before your excursion to either Danum Valley or Tabin, and an additional night afterwards, I think the drive will be managable. An added benefit of having 2 separate nights on the river is that if the water level on the first visit is “too high” for riverbank mammals (flat-headed cat and friends), it may change a few days later.

    Otherwise, as Sjef mentioned, Imbak sounds interesting, and is something AABorneo offers guided tours to explore.


    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 4 years ago

      Yes, but Deramakot is along the way and Danum/Tabin are on the opposite side, so it’s a lot of extra driving 🙁

  3. Tom Hewitt 4 years ago

    Try contacting AA Borneo Vladimir re Deramakot and Imbak or Tabin or Danum

  4. Natalia Rodríguez Pardo 4 years ago

    Discovery center near Sepilok. It is good for western tarsier and more

    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 4 years ago

      Thanks! We just booked a few nights in Sepilok.

    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 4 years ago

      Do you know if it’s still possible to walk the trail to Sepilok-Laut without a guide?

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