New Directory of Advertisers

Anyone who has tried to organize mammal watching in remote areas knows how complicated it can be to find places to stay, reliable guides or tour operators. Trip reports help, but they are often several years old and so even when you think you have identified the right people you can end up writing to an out of date email address and waiting weeks for a reply that never comes.

Over the past few years several people have suggested it would be useful to set up a directory of guides, lodges and tour operators. We’ve finally had a go and it is here

As you will hopefully see straight away you can browse the adverts by region or country.

I would welcome comments on how useful this format is: both for the directory page itself and for the individual adverts. Is it easy to use? Is the regional/country search the best way to organise this?  What extra information would be useful? The adverts will be renewed annually which means they ought always to have up to date contact details. And I hope they will nearly always link back to an independent trip report on the website.

If you are a guide, operator or run a lodge and want to advertise then drop me an email. Details on the options and prices are here. There is a charge to be included but I’m happy to consider exceptions for people starting out in low income countries.

Meanwhile if you are traveling can I please ask that you think about encouraging your guide, operator or lodge to consider advertising. And please mention the website when getting in touch with businesses. The more local businesses appreciate the growing interest in our hobby/interest/obsession (take your pick …) the better it should be both for the mammals and the mammalwatchers.





  • tomeslice

    Hey Jon,

    I purposely tried to find the directory not from the link you sent, but from the main page. It was very easy and intuitive, right under “resources” – where you would expect to find it.

    So far there aren’t that many companies yet, but the filter definitely works. It even mentions some of the main species that each comapny specializes in, so that’s great too.

    Good stuff!! This site is really becoming the ultimate mammal information center.


  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Tomer. Great to hear. Hope others find it as intuitive.

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